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Currently in its 12th draft, my in-work novel Lucinda is the story of an Italian immigrant girl, who grows up tough in New York City in the early 1900s. Then, an opportunity arises which sends her packing to Chicago—and a new life working for one of Chicago’s most famous gangs of the 1920s. However, her employer and benefactor decides it is time to put some fear into her, but they go a bit too far. She soon finds herself in the ethers, and on a new adventure in the spirit realm. But, despite the advice of very wise spirit beings she believes herself unworthy to “see God,” and chooses to re-incarnate, instead—and is awaited by some surprising turns. Years go by and she becomes impatient with the situation she created. Her impatience causes the state of affairs she was most trying to avoid—but the event she also most needed. It is through this that she finally finds the peace, contentment and happiness she had always been seeking.


This labor of love began in the summer of 2003, with writing commencing during the summer of 2004. The first draft was completed, working part-time, in a mere thirty days! Though it has now become nearly a five-year process, it really hasn’t been that long. The press of life has prevented any real work being done since the spring of 2006, but the time is now ripe to renew my efforts—which means only three years have really been spent doing any work on it. It was a very fast three years for me! If the situations of life and finances would permit it, I would devote considerable time to completion. Alas—realities as they exist prevent that, at the moment. So, a plodding we will continue.


This book is still being edited, at this time. Once I feel it is ready for the next step, then we will begin the process of finding a publisher. However, I am always interested in comments and suggestions from interested parties. Though it is written as fiction, Lucinda is based upon a true story. I hope you will take the time to read the sample chapters, or whatever I may include on this site, from time to time. For those of you who are still curious about the “based upon a true story” thing, Origins may interest you. I also hope you enjoy. The samples I include here are: The Prologue, Chapter One and Chapter Two (as the first three full chapters are what agents and publishers ask for), Chapter 18 (my favorite) and Chapter 30 (where we transition from one time period and point of view into another.)


Also, if you do take the time to read the sample, or even just the descriptions on this page, I would love it if you would email comments. Your input, in any format, is always appreciated!


All contents on this website COPYRIGHT, 2004-2009, Jeffrey A. Bentley. 

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