Lucinda: Mistress to the Mob

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Let’s Go For a Ride, Doll


You never get no back talk from no corpse” Frank Capone (brother of Alphonse)

                 I was startled awake. When I looked up there were two men I didn’t recognize, wearing suits, standing over me. “Who are you?” I asked, rubbing my eyes awake.

             “Never mind that, doll. Just get some clothes on and let’s us go for a ride,” one of them said, with a thick, Italian accent.

             At first I was startled but also slightly embarrassed, because I had chosen on such an unexpectedly warm and humid night, to sleep in the nude; so, here stood two strange guys in suits and I was stark naked.

             “….I need to get some clothes.”

             “Here, wear this, doll. You won’t need too much where you’re going,” I was told as one of them threw a dress across the room.

             I was startled, embarrassed and scared all at the same time. “Where are we going?”

             “None of your business, you’ll know soon enough.”

             As quickly as possible I put on the dress. It was the red one I wore to work the night before, but under the circumstances I didn’t figure anyone would notice.

             Once I dressed they gestured to let me know it was time to leave. “You don’t need no shoes; just get moving.”

             “May I smoke a cigarette?” being a heavy smoker, the situation had me really wanting one badly.

             “Sure. Just no funny stuff.” These guys were not exactly the fastest cars in the Big Guy’s fleet.

             I didn’t understand what type of funny stuff he meant. After all, I was the one who was definitely unarmed; they saw me naked five minutes earlier and both knew what I was wearing. Probably not a weapon concealed in any of my body cavities. Besides, there were two of them and they were both a lot bigger than me, so what was I gonna do, bite ‘em?

             I lit a Lucky as we walked.

             They escorted me out of the Lexington and to a black Cadillac parked at the curb on Michigan Avenue. There were two more big guys in suits, waiting in the car. One of the men opened a back door and urged me to get inside. The two that came to get me sat on either side of me. Guess there’s no gettin’ out of this one.

             Before we took off, I was blindfolded. Isn’t this quite a twist? At that point I began to rationalize what they had in mind. I deduced they probably weren’t going to kill me; at least not right away. It didn’t usually work this way, at least not from what I had seen.

             I had witnessed a number of guys killed by the company. When I observed those things, it was after closing and only the men with guns, the victim, me and the barkeep were there; usually. I didn’t know what any of them had allegedly done, but the sentence for their crimes was often rapid.

The first couple of times I saw people taken out, it made me sick to my stomach. After that I sort of came to terms with it and didn’t let it bother me. The heavy-handed discipline I witnessed all happened in one club or another, though I never saw it occur at the country club.

 Usually, the victim was tied to a chair and lectured about his crime. Then they shot him. It was rather quick. One or two shots to the head at point blank range and it was done; except the clean-up.

             A few guys begged before they were done in; some of them were quite pathetic with their crying and groveling. I hated watching it, but, it was part of the business; so I just had to deal with it. I became hardened, over time.

             So, I reasoned, if their purpose was to take me out, they would have shot me in bed and then disposed of my body: there must be something else.

             Have I done something I’m not aware of? Am I about to be lectured and reprimanded? My mind was racing, but I couldn’t come up with a solid answer. All I knew was I was helpless. It felt awful.

             After a while the car stopped; my heart almost stopped with it. The doors of the sedan opened and I was told, “Get out, doll.” I did as instructed.

             Men holding on to each of my arms led me inside. I heard a door close behind us and knew we were inside someplace; I didn’t know where I was, but I knew it didn’t seem pleasant.

             I assumed they led me into a room. Then they removed my dress; forcibly. Next thing, I found myself lifted into the air and let down again. Where they put me was cold and hard; felt like metal. I questioned what this thing was and the best answer I could arrive at was that I was in a bathtub. But why?

             Next I noticed a strange smell under my nose. Whew! What is that stuff, it stinks? 


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