Lucinda: Mistress to the Mob

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The Facilitator


                 It was early 1963. A small 2-year-old boy rode in the back seat of a green and white 1957 Dodge. As he rode along on the streets of New Boston, Ohio he startled his young parents who occupied the front seat of the car – by reading a billboard aloud.

                 Being young and inexperienced parents they were quite surprised by his actions. However, they were also wise enough to realize that this was probably not normal. So, to test him, they took the young child home and gave him a newspaper. He read that to them, as well.

                 Before the child ever started school he learned to recognize the makes, models and years as well as memorize the license plate numbers of all of the vehicles in their neighborhood, as well as those of friends of his parents and family. He also memorized addresses and phone numbers of everyone they knew.

                 His teachers for his first two years of formal school were made aware of his gifts. To prevent him from having to endure too much boredom they utilized him as an in-class tutor to help classmates learn to read. During his early school years he was consistently the spelling bee champion of his class and was always looked upon as being the brightest and the best communicator in his classes.

                 He, as most children, continued to learn and grow. But, he began to take for granted the gifts that he brought with him into this lifetime. As he began to approach puberty he became more interested in sports, girls and behaving in ways that were not necessarily socially acceptable.

                 It became apparent how much he took these gifts for granted when early in high school he got into an argument with his English teacher. The teacher was trying to get across the point that he should apply himself to the lessons being taught when he stated, “You’re going to need this stuff someday.”

                 The child, in his sarcastic manner replied, “Why? Is someone gonna come up to me someday, pull a gun on me and say, ‘give me a dangling participle or your life?’”

`                To that the classroom broke out into a fit of laughter and the teacher retreated, red-faced.

                 His life took some turns that caused the child much trouble. During this time a dear friend displayed to him unconditional love. He didn’t know what it was that she showed him, but he knew he liked it. It became his life’s mission – to figure out what that was and then duplicate it so it could be shared with the whole world.

                 The next 20 years were spent trying to figure out what that experience was. He sought it in religion, in money, career, family and sex. Everywhere he turned he came up empty in his quest, but richer for his experience.

                 Finally, in 1997, he began to understand what it was that he had been searching for. Life began to finally take a form for him.

                 Like most people, his road to awareness and finding spiritual truth was at times rocky. At times he has wanted to quit, but the quest continues.

                 Though he never truly strayed far from it, early in his adulthood the child reconnected with his gift for communicating. He began writing, mainly short stories and lengthy letters. He never published anything, and most of his writings went unread by anyone else, but the important thing was that he was allowing his gifts to flow through.

                 In 2003 a hypno-therapist friend requested to hypnotize this man – for the entertainment of the therapist. The hypnosis he requested to perform was past-life regression.

What came through that night (and for the next several months) amazed all that were involved. What flowed from that session (and a few others to follow) became a book, Lucinda: Mistress to the Mob.

                 Through that experience the child, now a grown man, came to recognize a natural ability to lead others into meditations, Spirit Guide introductions as well as past life regressions. It is natural that these talents would be there – they also are forms of communication.

                 As he learned that he had a gift for leading others, Spirit gave him the gift of his own personal meditation technique that he has also taught to others.

                 Now I will let the cat out of the bag. This child that has been described in these few pages is the author of this article. It is I. I tell you all of these things to introduce myself to you.

                 Why would I do such a thing? Just to boost my ego? For bragging rights or some other form of self-aggrandizement? No: much to the contrary.

                 I write these things because as the publication of Lucinda moves forward, Spirit is showing me that for me (or any of us) to realize our full potentials - for us to realize our own dreams for our lives and for us to live fulfilled lives, we must allow the free flow of Spirit’s energy through our lives.

                 To be fulfilled in life we must use the talents and abilities that we brought here with us. It is therefore time that I utilize my talents to help others to find their own enlightenment. As I recognize them at this time, my gifts appear to be helping ‘old souls’ (like myself) learn how to let go. Let go of thinking, acting, being in ways that no longer serve us. Learn to let go of the old that we may embrace truth and accept the changes that are coming in this world.

                 I also have the gift of helping others connect with their Spirit Guides and Angels. Particularly those who have had trouble with the concept.

                 The Lucinda experience (as I call it) has also given me a passion for helping others connect with their own past lives – for the purpose of better understanding themselves and their actions/reactions during this lifetime.

                 Though Lucinda will be published as fiction, she also has some very spiritual messages. Her story is quite entertaining, and because of it’s presentation it is possible that many will be exposed to some spiritual concepts while not looking for them. Through her I have grown much, as have several people close to me.

                 I thank you for sharing these few minutes with me to read this brief article and I trust the brief sharing of my experience will in some way inspire you to discover and use your own special talents.

Love and Light,