Lucinda: Mistress to the Mob

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         Most of us spend our lives running here, running there; doing this and involved in that. We are busy, busy, busy and seem not to have time for anything – much less ourselves.

         Because we are so constantly on-the-go we often feel out of control: like life is running us, instead of choosing our lives for ourselves.

         However, we all have the power – already have it – to change our circumstances – or at least change how we view them. And sometimes, how we view things is half the battle in dealing with them. Changing our view can, at the least, reduce the stress we feel, and there is tremendous value in that!

         So, if we already have this power, why doesn’t it feel like it? Why does it feel so much like other people and circumstances hold all the power and we are subject to their whims?

          Well, life is like a chain. Every decision we take and every experience we have creates a new link. Over the course of time these links grow in number, making the chain longer. It is once the chain reaches a certain length that we can begin to view the whole of the chain and see what the character of our life has become.

         As we build these new links, we also practice wrapping ourselves in what we believe to be a protective cocoon. We sometimes feel vulnerable while creating a new link, so this wrapping is our learned response – learned often when we are children, usually after about the age of six.

         Unfortunately what we are wrapping is actually our best and strongest resource. We are practicing to insulate ourselves – and our experience – from the best friend we have. That friend is our very own mind - primarily the subconscious portion of it.

         It is our wonderful and powerful subconscious mind that holds our creativity, our perceptions, the child-within-us, our imagination, our habits and a very long term memory. It is through this very valuable resource that we can have or achieve anything we have ever thought or dreamed of, it is here that anything we can visualize we can actualize.

         These principles are taught to us, in recent days, through such writings as The Secret, works by Dr. Wayne Dyer and the writings of Abraham Hicks. Even though these teachings are so prevalent these days, the application seems to be elusive.

         The elusiveness is based upon the cocoon we have wrapped ourselves in – the cocoon of our conscious, analytical mind. This is the part of our minds that is analytical, rational, logical – where our willpower resides.

         We have taught ourselves to analyze everything - our actions, the actions of others and even the actions of machines. We have so well taught ourselves this skill that it becomes challenging to not do it. But believe this, or not, the conscious (rational) part of our mind only represents about 10 percent of our total mind. The subconscious holds the other 90 percent.

         We are designed to operate using both parts of the mind. It is all designed that way for our survival. However, we have allowed ourselves (as a society) to become out of balance. We over-use the 10 percent portion and under-utilize the 90 percent.

         But there is good news! Anyone of average or above average intelligence will spontaneously bypass that conscious mind at least a dozen times each week. We do this without even realizing we are doing it. We do this any time we just “zone out” – anytime we daydream – anytime we are not actively engaged in decision making, analyzing, passing judgment or any other conscious mind activity.

         In short, when we bypass the conscious mind (while also in a waking state), by simple definition we are in a hypnotic state. It really is that easy.

         So, how can we use this state to realize our potential? Two ways, which differ only in basic approach: either through hypnosis, or meditation. Science has demonstrated that the hypnotic state and meditative state are identical, in terms of measurable brain wave activity. The difference between the two is that hypnosis is therapist (or facilitator) directed, whereas meditation (and in this case we are only speaking of true quiet mind meditation, not prayer or guided journeys) is free-flowing.

         It is time to free ourselves from the restrictions we have created and realize our full potentials. True meditation is the long term solution, and hypnosis, with a competent and trained facilitator or therapist may well be the jump-start we need to get us moving in the right direction.