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A Party for Harry







Copyright 2005, Jeffrey Allan Bentley

All Rights Reserved


                 The scene opens to a large, lavish, swingin’ bachelor pad. And this is no el-cheapo, either – it’s only the best of the best. The finest furnishings, the finest appliances, the finest beverages and best equipped kitchen that you’ve ever laid eyes on.

                 There are many people here on this night. Lots of guys and, naturally, plenty of ladies, as well. Music is playing, there is dancing, singing, just a good time being had by all.

                 The mood is festive – it’s a party! Present at this party are Bob, Norm, Charlie, Ted and of course, Harry. Others are there, too – but these five  - these five are the main attraction, at least tonight.

             The party is for Harry. He is about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime. And everyone at the party knows it. Most of all, Harry knows.


         “Hey, everybody! Another toast for old, Harry!” Ted yells to the room.

                 All in the room scream and holler as they lift glasses, yet again, to honor one of their own.

                 “Aw, this is great!” Harry says with enthusiasm.

                 Everyone in the room is mingling and mixing. They are all happy, laughing and joking. Stories are being told in every corner of the room on this night. Electricity fills the air.

                 All of these folks have a long history together. They have been together for many years and shared many experiences. Just being in the room you can feel the love that oozes from each to the other. Like one big, happy family.

                 “You remember the last time we held one of these for one of us five?” Norm asks Charlie.

                 “Sure do! He was really something, wasn’t he?” Charlie answers.

                 “You guys talking about Bob, again?” laughs Ted.

                 All five laugh heartily.

                 “Do you remember the terrible messes he got himself into?” Norm continues.

                 “And to think, he didn’t even consider calling any of us for help!” Ted chimes in.

                 All laugh again.

                 “All right, guys, I get it. Go ahead and have your laughs on me.” Bob finally defends himself. “But pretty soon, yep pretty soon we’re gonna get to watch someone else have his turn in the barrel for a while.” Bob smiles as he looks at Harry.

                 The whole group chuckles.

                 “Hey guys, another picture!” someone yells at the group of five. The five friends all turn in the direction of the camera – Flash!

                 The five guys now walk over to the long bar, sit on stools. Some of them lean their elbows in to the bar, chins resting in their hands, while some just sit or sit leaning against the wooden bar.

                 They all begin to look a bit reflective as a more serious sounding discussion ensues.

                 “Guys, this thing – this party tonight – is really great. You know, you guys are the best!” Harry beams.

                 “It’s the least we could do” Ted answers, “After all, you’re the one about to have to leave. We’ll still be here to enjoy life while you, you poor sap, while you get to suffer.” (The last line said with a smirk on Ted’s face.) The others all grin.

                 “Well, I guess we’ll see whose laughing when this thing is over.” Harry says.

                 “We all will!” all five yell in unison. They all laugh.

                 “Sir, it is time to leave” the butler says to Harry as he approaches the bar.

                 Harry stands up, and with a look of calm determination, sighs.

                 “Well guys, I guess this is it.” Harry states.

                 The other four all get up and gather around him. The rest of the room also becomes still and silent. All eyes are now upon Harry and his imminent departure.

                 The five best friends all gather into a group hug. As they break from each other all take their turns extending a hearty handshake of good-luck to Harry, with Ted being the last.

                 “I’m gonna miss all of you guys.” Harry says, with a look of sadness beginning to appear.

                 “I’m sure you will!” Ted replies. “But remember…”

                 “Yeah, remember – we will all be right here watching.” Bob interrupts Ted, in a laughing tone.

                 “Don’t forget, now, call on us if you need anything. Okay?” Ted reassures Harry.

                 “I will try to remember to do that.” Harry responds.

                 “Yeah, don’t be like Bob, over here and pretend like we don’t exist at all!” Norm says to jab at Bob, jokingly.

                 “I’ll try.” Harry says as he begins to slowly walk away, led by the butler.

                 “This way sir” the elder servant says as the two leave the room.

                 All eyes in the place follow the butler and Harry as they exit.

                 “Keep in touch!” Ted yells to Harry.

                 “I’ll try.” Harry responds with a smile.


                 The four remaining friends are sitting around a table, all with a glass in front of them.

                 “Looks like Harry’s completely forgotten us, doesn’t it?” Norm asks the group.

                 “Sure does” they all reply.

                 But that’s what he wanted.” Bob says, defending Harry to the group.

                 “You’re right.” Charlie answers, nodding his head.

                 All have a look of agreement on their faces.

                 “But he’ll start to remember us soon. He has to.” Ted says, with hope in his voice.

                 “He doesn’t HAVE to, but I believe he will. Soon enough” Bob reassures.

                 “Yeah, soon enough.” Ted says with a reservation in his voice.

                 “Look, guys, he hasn’t been there that long yet. Just give him some time. I remember what it’s like. Going through what he’s going through. It’s tough sometimes. The best thing we can do is just keep watching and keep thinking of him. We’ll get through one of these days.” Bob exhorts the group.

                 They all agree that Bob is right.


                 Ted is walking briskly down a city street. He stops suddenly.

                 “Well, hey there, Charlie!”

                 “Hi Ted!” Charlie answers as the two share a hearty handshake.

                 “Have you been watching what Harry has been up to?” Charlie asks Ted. “He’s really into it now, isn’t he?”

                 “Yes, I have” Ted says with a smile. “He’s gotten himself into some pretty bad messes, hasn’t he?”

                 “That woman he is with. Wow! She’s really something, isn’t she?” Charlie exclaims. “She’s really driving him crazy!”

                 “I thought she was gonna drive him over the edge the other day!” Ted answers with glee. “I thought for sure that he’d remember us and call us then.”

                 “And that business venture of his…. Looks like that one may send him down in flames!” Charlie adds.

                 “If he would only call us….” Ted starts

                 “Guess he’s not ready yet.” Charlie states flatly.

                 “Guess not.” Ted says, shaking his head.


                 Back at the same bachelor pad from the going away party for Harry. All of the same people are there, and the mood is once again festive and joyous.

                 The four remaining friends are also there. They all appear excited in anticipation of the evening’s events.

                 “Well, Ted, I guess he should be here soon!” Norm says.

                 “Should be real soon.” Ted replies.

                 “So are we ready, guys? Are we ready for this poor schmuck when he gets here? We’re gonna have to really let him have it, you know!” Bob says with a big smile on his face.

                 “Yeah – we’ll have to give it to him good!” Charlie laughs.

                 “Shhhhh!! Quiet! He’s on his way!” someone in the room says to the crowd.

                 Everyone in the room stops in their tracks. All are quiet. There is a great look and feeling of expectation on everybody’s faces.

                 Suddenly the door opens. All eyes are looking at the door.

                 Then the whole room jumps into jubilation and yells “Harry!! Welcome home!!”

                 All rush toward the door and gather around the latest guest of honor.

                 It is a celebration on a grand scale. Decorations, noise makers, plenty of food and beverage – everything you could dream of is here, and more.

                 “Hey, welcome home!” beams Ted as he gives Harry a warm, friendly embrace.

                 “It’s great to have you back with us!” Bob declares.

                 “It’s great to be back!” Harry replies with excitement.

                 The five spend some time chatting, shaking hands, hugging and becoming re-acquainted for a few minutes. Once the pleasantries start to become complete, Ted asks his friend, “So, when things got really rough. I mean, when it got to be your darkest hour – why didn’t you remember us and call us? You know we would have been there for you.”

                 “You’re right. I did know that – and I do know that. But at that time, my mind was so consumed with the world I was in that I just couldn’t remember. I mean – it was like you guys had never existed. It was really strange. Do you understand what I am saying?” Harry questions his friends.   

                 “I know!” Bob says with a big laugh.

                 All five laugh with him.

                 “I mean – it’s really bizarre. You know, deep down inside of yourself, but yet you can’t seem to remember anything or anyone. It seems like you can only focus on what is going on and who you are with at that moment. I hope you guys didn’t take any offense at my ignoring you.” Harry says with a grin.

                 “Of course not!” Ted replies. “We understand.”

                 “So how long were you there?” Norm asks, baitingly.

                 “Only about seventy-five years.” Harry says with a laugh.

                 “Seventy-five years and you couldn’t even remember us one time…” Norm says, shaking his head with a big smile. “I don’t know about you.”

                 The five continue laughing, talking, telling stories. Once again you could feel the love ooze from each one to the other.

                 “By the way, “ Harry asks, “Who’s going next?” As he asks his eyes scan the other four.

         “Looks like Charlie has chosen to take his turn next.” Ted replies.

                 “When?” Harry inquires.

                 “Any time now.” Bob says.

         At that moment the butler enters the room. “Sir, it’s time to leave now.” He says to Charlie.

         “Well, guys, I guess it’s time.” Charlie says as he starts to prepare himself to follow the butler out the door.

                 The scene then continues for Charlie as it had previously for Harry, before he left.


             The story you have just read – that of five close friends, is true. These five were kind enough to allow us to peek in on one of their special moments. They were also kind enough to present themselves, and their story, in scenes and terms that we humans can understand. These five friends are common to all of us. We all have friends just like these. Some of us have four of them, some three, others of us may have ten. The point is, we all share in this story.

                 In fact, we all have at one time or another been Harry. We have also all been Bob, Ted, Charlie and Norm.

                 These five friends are simply souls. Souls that have traveled together through many lifetimes and many journeys. Sometimes they travel together and sometimes, like with Harry, they go to play one at a time.

                 When one or more of these close friends stays behind, that soul becomes a guide or a guardian angel for the friend that is out to play.

It is sad for us humans to think that our friends would forget us and not call on us when they are in trouble. It is the same for the guide or angel who is ignored or forgotten by a close friend, just because they are having an adventure.

They understand, though. They understand that while we play our game here on earth, or wherever we play it, this game we call life – they all understand that it is easy to become wrapped up in the drama that we are experiencing.

But there is joy in the party room of the angels (and guides) when one of us does remember! So, get in touch with your guides. Talk to your angels. They are always there waiting and willing to help.