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Have Fun: It’s Illegal


             Recently, while at an amusement park, I saw a tee-shirt for sale which said: “Welcome to Cincinnati – Where fun is illegal.” Whereas that may not be completely true, we live as if it were.

             Constantly on that treadmill called modern American life which says we have to do, do do and have more, more, more. If you don’t live in the right neighborhood, drive the right car and do all the right things you are considered to be a ‘bad person.’ Hogwash! That is a large part of why there have recently been 27 small children killed by being left in hot cars by over-busy parents. We are so caught up in careers (which we often don’t care about except for the paychecks), children’s sports and school activities and acquiring the latest and greatest in housing and widgetry that we forget the important things: people (including ourselves.)

             Many of us also believe the rite of passage into being a mature adult is that things have to go wrong with our bodies. I once bought into that, and acquired such lovely disorders as gall stones, lactose intolerance, poor eyesight and a bald head; not exactly the most frightening of diseases, but all quite unnecessary.

             Then I learned that our bodies are a veritable pharmacy, capable of producing some 50,000 chemicals and compounds; everything necessary to keep us healthy and vibrant. By the time I learned this, the poor gall bladder was already gone, so it was too late for it. But there was still time for other issues.

             I decided to do something about the lactose problem. When it first cropped up, I found that when I ingested dairy I felt bloated, had mild stomach upset and then things got really interesting: The Army’s Chemical Warfare department would have been proud to bottle the results my body produced. Silently, and with minimal effort I could clear out a large room with something as potent as Mustard Gas; all from an innocent little glass of chocolate milk.

             Soon I learned what the issue was and bought some of those cute, chalky lactose supplement pills. I started by taking one just before having any of the offending dairy, and shortly learned that I became immune to that dosage: I graduated to two. After a while, I became immune to that, as well. “Ahh. Let’s employ the mind!” I thought.

             Since I implemented this little trick I have not eaten another little chalk tablet. But here is the secret: The teachings of Abraham tell us that we can be, do or have anything by simply asking, and then allowing it to be. Allowing means to reduce our resistance. What is resistance? It can be as simple as not believing we will receive what we asked for, or as deep as being depressed. One of the best ways to raise vibration, which also releases resistance, is to laugh.

             Norman Cousins was a publisher diagnosed with a heinous condition and sentenced to a few weeks to live. He disagreed, and spent the next several weeks (or months) doing nothing but watching and listening to funny things. He laughed, laughed, laughed his way to a completely clean bill of health.

             Laughter, pleasure – fun – causes the body to produce all sorts of neat things; like endorphins (which also happen to be a great natural pain killer.) When we couple release of wonderful little chemicals like that with a vision of health, problems seem to vanish.

             As for my lactose issue, here are the results: I have been doing this for a couple of years now, with consistent results. If I find myself ‘in the dumps’ eating something as innocuous as a Hershey bar can make my family run for cover. But, last night, while in a very positive mindset, I ate chili, onion rings and a large milkshake with supper; and nobody had to cover their faces.

             Take time for fun: even if it is illegal here; a healthier you is awaiting.