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Wouldn’t it be great if you could slim your body the way you desire with no willpower, deprivation, special meals or pills, and accomplish it by doing absolutely nothing? Believe it or not, you can.

The weight loss industry in the United States is a multi-billion dollar annual enterprise. Every year there are dozens of new programs; some that work well for many, but most that do not. The stated reasoning behind most of these plans is sound, at least on their faces. Scientifically we know that for most people the balance between calories taken in and burned off is the primary factor determining whether they gain, lose or maintain weight, size and shape. The question is how you find the right balance for you; that equilibrium to achieve and then maintain the body you envision, and accomplish it in a natural and healthy way.

Any program that requires you to count (calories, fat grams, etc.), or insists that you follow a specific meal plan, buy special foods or take pills or supplements in order to achieve your desired goal is most likely flawed from the start. Let’s look at it, briefly.

First of all, most of us experience hectic lives: creating a special diet for one person while the rest of the family eats differently is a time consuming enterprise. Additionally, one also must consider the financial ramifications: $10 a day doesn’t sound like much until you add it up; over a years’ time it comes to $3650, and there is no set ending time for these methods; you could spend that every year for years on end. Then there are also side-affects to consider; science still doesn’t know (or maybe doesn’t care) about the unwanted influences to our overall health created by taking synthetic pills to alter our intake or burning functions. On top of all of that is the fact that willpower is a conscious mind activity. To stick with a plan requires the will. You have to discipline yourself to plan your meals, read the literature, buy the correct foods, pills or supplements and then ensure a strict code of usage of those things. That’s asking a lot, especially when the conscious mind only represents about 10% of the individual’s mind.

The other 90% resides in the subconscious; that is also where your habits live. Habits are a necessary tool. Without habits you would have to teach yourself how to shut off the alarm clock every morning; then you would have to re-teach yourself how to prepare your breakfast, and so on. Your habits are necessary for your survival. And your habits are nine times stronger than your willpower; so, over time, your will wilts and your habits control.

What, then, is the answer? Imagine utilizing your very powerful subconscious to achieve your new body. Your subconscious not only houses your habits, but also owns your body. It is the inner mind that is in charge of your digestion, your respiration, causes your heart to beat and every other involuntary function. It also rules the voluntary functions, but that’s another subject.

The answer, it would seem, would be to achieve the optimum balance between intake and burning of calories, but use your subconscious and its powerful habits as an aid to the process. Allow your inner mind to direct your body to adjust your metabolism, redirect snacking habits (to things that are more healthful for the body) and even increase your desire to exercise.

That is what the Hypno-Slim program is all about. I help you by using that naturally occurring state called hypnosis (which we all enter spontaneously every day) to communicate directly with the subconscious. During the session, you simply sit or lie comfortably, doing more of nothing than you have ever done before, while I do all the work. Through this, your subconscious mind can actually aid your slimming and trimming goals, instead of overtaking your willpower.

About 90% of those using these proven techniques have seen safe, lasting results. Just begin with idea of wanting it to happen, and see how easily it will happen.