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##Oh, The Thought of It


Oh, The Thought of It

         Outside, the branches of the trees were naked on a crisp, gray day. As our view pulls backward we see an old, drafty, curtain-less window. An unmade and rumpled bed; clothes and other things strewn across the dull, wooden floor.

         On an old, worn out dresser sits a portable record player, vinyl disc spinning on the turntable. The tinny sound of The Beatles’ “Hey Bulldog” is wafting through the tiny speaker of the device. A Jimi Hendrix album is awaiting its turn on the player.

         On the floor, on top of a pile of clothes lays a young man. Tall, lean, hair long and stringy; about three day’s growth on his chin. He lies motionless, on his back, eyes closed, soaking in the words and music. Wearing faded blue jeans and an olive-drab Army field jacket, barefooted, he was stereo-typical of his day.

         Outside his protective bubble of solitude, a revolution raged: a revolution for the hearts and minds of a generation. Aware of this raging battle, the man was seeking his own answers. Hoping he might find hidden messages in the music, he listened on.

         Over and over this scene played out, both in this room and in countless others across the country. Nearly forty years later the scene is still playing; only the props and backgrounds have changed.

         Olive-drab Army jackets replaced by business suits: or Gothic garb. It doesn’t matter. The scene still plays on. This scene plays in the minds of each of us – in its own way. Each of us searching for answers to the deep philosophical questions within us; like who are we, why are we here, what is our purpose and what happens next?

         Oracles, mystics, seers, readers, avatars and doctors have told us for centuries where to find these and other answers. Yet, we allow ourselves to be swept up by the revolution of the day and still ask why?

         Our protective bubbles of solitude invaded by the chase for money, the new house or car, the kids’ school and activities, physical health, politics or whatever else that might be thrown at us.

         Or, are these things thrown at us, at all?  These same wise people through the ages have also been telling us that we actually create these things for ourselves. We understand that on a conscious level, yet live as if we are helpless to the outside forces of control. We blame our circumstances on others; our parents; our childhood; the government; our boss, spouse or whoever. It can’t possibly be our fault – someone else must be to blame.

         Other-worldly forces are actually to blame. But these forces, while feeling external to many of us, are also quite familiar. That is because these forces are actually our very own minds.

         Our minds are not limited to the gray matter science calls the brain. In fact, they are not even limited to the area Kirilian Photography has identified as the aura. These are merely bit players in the big mind picture.

         Over the centuries many have learned to blend the parts of the mind: the conscious (simplified here as the gray matter of the brain); the subconscious (simplified here as the area of the aura and a little beyond); and the superconscious (defined here as the Universal Mind, or Mind of God.)

         Our world is filled with examples of those who learned to blend these three components of the mind. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and their colleagues took their thoughts to a higher level and conceived the ideas that eventually framed a radical (for its day) idea for a system of government. Thomas Edison reached that level when he first envisioned a light bulb. The list goes on and on.

         Overshadowed by the creations themselves, each of these examples was begun by a mere thought. The thought that, “there should be a device that uses electricity to produce light,” for example. Every great thing that has ever been accomplished has started with a simple thought.

         Our lives and circumstances are all created by our thoughts. The laws of Metaphysics teach us that all things have to start somewhere.

         One day a tiny seed of thought was planted, and through time, fertilization, water and light eventually germinated into the circumstance we now find as experience. We begin feeling helpless to control these circumstances, and so allow ourselves to be swept up by whatever comes along; adding new seeds of thought into the mind garden as we go.

         On the face of it, we appear to be riding a current toward whatever destination it takes us. But, we created this experience we call life with the ability and the tools to change course; to get off of the torrent and ride gentle waves, or even paddle our own boats to whatever destination we choose.

         Oracles, seers, doctors and the like of the past and the present are all correct when they tell us that we can choose our own course. We do have the ability to enjoy life as we desire. They have been telling us that we need to find our protective bubbles of solitude; a place deep within ourselves. The way we reach that place is through a practice of daily meditation.

         Outside gray skies and naked tree branches become the excuse for excluding ourselves from our birthright; our Divine right to choose our own experiences and the course of our lives.

         Only fifteen minutes a day is necessary to achieve these things. Fifteen minutes of quiet solitude a day. A mere drop in the bucket to the time available to all of us. We each have 96 fifteen minute periods at our disposal every day.

         Often we feel we need help to learn how to do this. Though ultimately we already know how, assistance is also of great use. There are many teachers available, all willing and ready to help. Seek your teacher, if you feel you need one, and begin to create for yourself the life you deserve.