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So, Why Regressions?

So, Why Regressions?


         While attending a hypnotherapy professional education conference in Detroit last fall, the subject of regressions came up. Of the fifty therapists in attendance, only two of us indicated that we liked facilitating regressions –  a lady from the Detroit area and me. She indicated that her local colleagues have dubbed her a “regression specialist,” and often refer that type of work to her.

         For the therapist it is somewhat understandable why many would prefer not to do them – they require extra patience on the therapist’s part. However, I become excited when I see a client remembering, or re-experiencing past issues. That excitement is two-fold; first, I recall my own experience with a past-life regression – it became a transpersonal experience; and second, the healing that sometimes accompanies such an event is miraculous to observe.

         All regressions are not created equal. Age regressions are moving backward in time, within the client or subject’s current lifetime to uncover a past event. Commonly this technique is used to help someone find something they have misplaced, or used by psychiatrists or other professionals to uncover where a particular problem began for a person.

         Past-life regressions are quite another animal. These involve moving backward in time, within the subconscious memories of the individual, to visit previous lives. Many times these regressions serve the purpose of satisfying curiosities, though occasionally healing also occurs.

Take, for example the case of a young woman who came to me for a past-life recall just for curiosity’s sake. While visiting a past life, she observed that she had died when shot through the head with an arrow at an age just a few years younger than she currently was. I remembered in my interview with her that she indicated that she had suffered headaches for the last few years, and her doctor had no explanation for them. Recalling a phenomenon that Sylvia Browne named “cell memory,” I asked my client if the arrow were still there. She indicated it was, so I instructed her through a healing procedure. Over a year later, the headaches are still gone.

While this does not happen in every regression case, things like this do happen often enough for them to be given merit.

There is also the case for the transpersonal shift occurring through regression – I am an example of that, personally.

In my case I did not seek the regression, it was done by a hypnotherapist friend to satisfy inquisitiveness of his own. My experience played out over a period of several months, and so would take too long to detail in the space provided in this forum. But let’s say that I came through this experience with a deeper understanding of myself, explanations for some of my quirky behaviors and a better knowledge of my life’s purpose, as well as the purpose of life in a physical body at all. Though not a typical experience, there was quite a lot of enlightenment that followed, for me and others as well, as a result of an experiment based upon the whim of a friend.

While there is no guarantee of miraculous results, regressions (past-life regressions in particular), do offer the potential of changing your life.