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Here are a few of my other writings.

Reading and writing are two of my main passions in life. Following are links to some of the many stories or articles I have written in recent years—whether published or not. I trust that you will learn, grow or at least be entertained by these.

#Oh, The Thought of It. Mystics, seers, avatars, doctors and many wise ones throughout the ages have told us the same thing….. (Written January 9, 2008)

Introducing An Old Friend. It is time to free ourselves from our restrictions and realize our full potentials. (Written January 9, 2008)

The Kindness of a Stranger. A hobo and his pals receive a special Christmas from a strange source. (Written November 15, 2005)

A Party for Harry. A vision and story that came to me during a meditation. (Written March 28, 2005)

The FacilitatorA soul enters this world with gifts and talents, takes them for granted, then re-discovers them for the benefit of others. (Written October 18, 2005)

So Why Regressions? The case for why regression therapy is useful. (Originally published by Promise Magazine, Apr/May 2008.) (Written February 21, 2008)

Have Fun: It’s Illegal Why having fun is important for our health. (Originally published by Promise Magazine, Oct/Nov 2008.) (Written August 25, 2008)

Hypno-Slim   Article about weight loss via hypnotherapy. (Originally published by Promise Magazine June/July 2008.) (Written April 23, 2008)

It May Sound Ridiculous   The Law of Attraction and our addiction to negativity. (Originally published by Promise Magazine Aug/Sep 2008.) (Written July 1, 2008)

The Energetic Legacy of Michael Jackson  Discussion of the spiritual impact and importance of the life and death of Michael Jackson and how it relates to mankind’s spiritual ascension. (Written July 23, 2009)

Reunions!  A rambling musing of life and our recent class reunions. (No message to this one—just fun.) (Written July 27, 2009)